Convid-19 hygiene Information

Covid-19 in vehicle health protocol.

Vehicles are sanitized between passengers. Ample time is given before vehicle is reused

  • Exercise of the service in accordance with the current legal framework.
  • Customers should be taken to and from places only with private transfers. In specific, according to no. Δ1α/ΦΠ.οικ.27815 of the Joint Ministerial Decision (ΦΕΚ Β’1647/03.05.2020) for the protective measures in passenger vehicles, public use and private use with the guide of law 4093/2012 (Α’222):
    •   Vehicles of 8 or 9 seats, transport of 5 passengers, plus the driver. (reviewed weekly)
    •   It is permissible to exceed the passenger limit, as long as they are parents with their minor children, in addition to the driver.
  • The use of a non-medical protective mask is mandatory, both by the passengers and by the driver (αρ. Δ1α / ΦΠ.οικ.27815 Joint Ministerial Decision)
  • It is recommended that the driver provide antiseptic
  • The driver avoids handshakes
  • The driver must ensure the natural ventilation(open windows) of the vehicle

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