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Zante exclusive Activities Zakynthos

The Vineyard Secrets

An island winery and wine tasting tour

Embark on a quest of discovering the abundance of traditional Zakynthian wines in our wine tasting and winery tour of the island. We visit Zante's most popular wine producing facilities at the Solomos winery in Bohalis, Callinica wines in Kallipado and the Grampsas estate. Our tour takes us through the beautiful countryside with picturesque villages and abundant olive tree groves and vineyards with optional stops at sites of interest (churches, monasteries etc). To compliment our tour, we explore the traditional Art & Wine Goumas estate with its magnificent setting and unique art studio.

  • Pick up time: 9am - 10am
  • Duration: 5-6 hrs

optional meal/snacks/ drinks: extra
wine tasting fees included in the price

Zante exclusive Activities Zakynthos

Local products & Gastronomy

Taste traditional local products made from the purest ingredients found on the island. Learn about the process of producing olive oil in a traditional mill. Discover the island's perfumery and see how wonderful scents are made and bottled using the local flora. Watch and assist a local chef prepare your meal using freshly picked vegetables and local delicasies.

Zante exclusive Activities Zakynthos


Spend the day on a 700.000 sq.m. organic farm, in the Vassilikos peninsula, between olive groves, pine tree forests and the deep blue of the Ionian sea, where you will connect with nature and find seclusion, quietness and inner peace. After exploring the farm and learning about its produce and animals, you will enjoy a freshly prepared meal using local products.

Zante exclusive Activities Zakynthos


Also known as the island of poets, painters, music and theatre and having avoided Ottoman rule, a distinct culture flourished on Zakynthos. The island gave birth to Dionysios Solomos, who's poem “Hymn to Liberty” inspired the lyrics to our national anthem. Similarily Ugo Foscolo, also born here, is considered Italy's national poet. A long tradition of theatre and music is rooted in Zante evident in the cultural events and festivals which take place all summer long.

Zante exclusive Activities Zakynthos

Hiking/ Biking

Are you feeling adventurous? Book a hiking or biking excursion with a local guide and go totally off the beaten track.

Zante exclusive Activities Zakynthos

Worshipping Tourism

St. Dionisios, the island's patron saint, has a special place in the hearts of the Zakynthian people. Also known as the Saint of Forgiveness, his relics are kept in a silver casket in the unique church by the harbour. Several medieval monasteries dot the landscape, with particular histories and myths. 300 churches stand witness to island's strong religious beliefs. A particular reference to the island's jewish population as all 275 Zakynthos Jews survived the Holocaust. In 1944 Mayor Loukas Karrer was ordered at gunpoint to hand over a list of Jews residing on the island. The list, presented to the Germans by Bishop Chrysostomos, contained only two names: Mayor Karrer and Bishop Chrysostomos. The bishop bravely told the Germans, “Here are your Jews. If you choose to deport the Jews of Zakynthos, you must also take me, and I will share their fate.” In the interim, all the Jews of the island were safely hidden in the mountainous villages. Though the whole island knew what was happening, not one person revealed their whereabouts